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Spintech IX 国際学会発表

9th International School and Conference on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology (Spintech IX)の国際学会にD1のKhang君、共同研究者のAnh氏とNguyen氏が下記の発表を行いました。

[A 65] MnGa thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy grown on BiSb topological insulator.

Nguyen Huynh Duy Khang, Yugo Ueda, Pham Nam Hai

 [A 15] Tuning of  Magnetoconductance by electrical control of band alignment in n+(In,Fe)As/p+InAs Esaki diode.

Le Duc Anh, Pham Nam Hai, Masaaki Tanaka

 [B 76] High-temperature ferromagnetism in n-type and p-type Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductors.

Nguyen Thanh Tu, Pham Nam Hai, Le Duc Anh, Masaaki Tanaka