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[12a-M101-9] Large Unidirectional Magnetoresistance in GaMnAs/BiSb bilayers
〇Nguyen HuynhDuy Khang、Pham Nam Hai

[12p-M101-7] Heavily Fe-doped n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)Sb with high Curie temperature and large magnetic anisotropy
〇Tu Thanh Nguyen、Nam Hai Pham、Duc Anh Le、Masaaki Tanaka

[12p-M101-11] Large spin-dependent magnetoresistance and output voltage in the nanoscale Si spin-valve devices
〇Dinhhiep Duong、Masaaki Tanaka、Namhai Pham

[12p-M101-12] Fabrication and evaluation of lateral spin-valve devices using MnAs spin injector
〇Keita Yamane、Kenichiro Yao、Masaaki Tanaka、Pham Nam Hai

[12p-M101-13] Large spin-valve effect in a lateral spin-valve device with MnGa electrodes
〇Koki Chonan、Nguyen Huynh Duy Khang、Masaaki Tanaka、Pham Nam Hai



[20a-131-8] Room-temperature field-free formation of stable skyrmions in BiSb/MnGa bi-layers
〇Nguyen Huynh Duy Khang, Fan Tuo, Hai Pham Nam

[21a-131-5] Crystal Growth of BiSb topological insulator on GaAs(001), (111)A and (111)B substrates
〇Kenichiro Yao, Duy Khang Nguyen Huynh, Masataka Ichimura, Nam Hai Pham

[21a-131-7] Fabrication and evaluation of Fe delta-doped (In,Fe)Sb high sensitivity magnetic sensors
〇Kento Nishijima, Masaaki Tanaka, Nam Hai Pham

[21a-131-8] Spin dependent transport characteristics of spin bipolar transistors based on Fe doped ferromagnetic semiconductors
〇Koki Chonan, Yuto Arakawa, Masaaki Tanaka, Pham Nam Hai


中国の上海で開催された国際学会20th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ICMBE 2018)にM2の八尾君と西嶋君,共同研究者のAnh氏と田中教授(東京大学)が下記の発表を行いました。

  • [Fr-C2-3] Kento Nishijima, Masaaki Tanaka, Pham Nam Hai, “Fe delta-doped (In,Fe)Sb ferromagnetic semiconductor thin films for magnetic-field sensors with ultrahigh sensitivity”.
  • [Fr-C2-4] Kenichiro Yao, Nguyen Huynh Duy Khang, Pham Nam Hai, “Influence of crystal orientation and surface termination on the growth of BiSb topological insulator thin films on GaAs substrates”.
  • [We-C2-1]Le Duc Anh, Pham Nam Hai, and Masaaki Tanaka, “Voltage-Controlled Magneto-conductance in N-type Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (In,Fe)As-based Spin Esaki Diodes”
  • [Invited] [Th-C2-1] Masaaki Tanaka, Le Duc Anh, Nguyen Thanh Tu, and Pham Nam Hai. “New n-type and p-type ferromagnetic semiconductors with high TC“.



[DC-02]Khang Nguyen, Yugo Ueda, Nam Hai Pham, “Ultra-low-power  spin-orbit-torque switching using the colossal spin Hal effect in BiSb topological insulator”

[DC-03]Kenichiro Yao,  Takanori Shirokura, Nam Hai Pham, “Role of surface states in the generation of the colossal spin Hal effect in BiSb topological insulator”

[HD-06] Hiep Duong, Masaaki Tanaka, Nam Hai Pham, “Large spin-valve effect in Si nano spin-valve devices”



[17p-D104-3] Room-temperature colossal spin Hall effect in topological insulator Bi0.9Sb0.1(012) thin films for ultra-low-power spin-orbit-torque switching
〇Nguyen HuynhDuy Khang、Yugo Ueda、Hai Pham Nam

[17p-P10-89] Inverse spin valve effect in nano-scale Si-based spin-valve devices
〇Dinhhiep Duong、Masaaki Tanaka、Nam Hai Pham

[17p-D104-4] Temperature dependence of the colossal spin hall effect in a BiSb(001)/MnAs bi-layer
〇Takanori Shirokura、Kenichiro Yao、Pham Nam Hai

[20a-D104-3] Electrical control of ferromagnetism in the n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)Sb with high Curie temperature
〇Tu Thanh Nguyen、Nam Hai Pham、Duc Anh Le、Masaaki Tanaka

[20a-D104-9] Magneto-thermopower in Ferromagnetic Semiconductor In1-xFexSb

[20a-D104-1] Effect of Be Doping on the Electronic Structure of n-Type Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (In,Fe)As

[20a-D104-7] Magnetization process of the insulating ferromagnetic semiconductor (Al,Fe)Sb
〇Shoya Sakamoto、Duc Anh Le、Nam Hai Pham、Yukiharu Takeda、Masaki Kobayashi、Ryosho Nakane、Yuki Wakabayashi、Yosuke Nonaka、Keisuke Ikeda、Zhendong Chi、Yuxuan Wan、Masahiro Suzuki、Yuji Saitoh、Hiroshi Yamagami、Masaaki Tanaka、Atsushi Fujimori


D3のHiep君、D1のKhang君、共同研究者のAnh氏および田中教授がJunjirou Kanamori Memorial International Symposium – New Horizon of Magnetism- (Sep. 27-29 2017)に下記の発表を行いました。

[P71] Tuning of Magnetoconductance by Electrical Control of Band Alignment in a n+-(In,Fe)As/p+-InAs Esaki Diode
Le Duc Anh, Pham Nam Hai and Masaaki Tanaka

[P82] Inverse spin-valve effect in spin-valve devices with nanoscale Si channels
D. D. Hiep, M. Tanaka, and P. N. Hai

[P83] Magnetic and structural properties of MnGa thin films grown on
Bi0.8Sb0.2 topological insulator
N. H. D. Khang, Y. Ueda, and P. N. Hai

[S2] (Invited) Recent progress and topics in semiconductor spintronics and ferromagnetic semiconductors
M. Tanaka, S. Ohya, L.D. Anh, N.T. Tu, I. Muneta, and P.N. Hai



[PS-12-08] Inverse spin-valve effect in MBE-grown nanoscale Si spin-valve devices
D. H. Duong, M. Tanaka, N. H. Pham


Pham准教授がThe 29th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors(ICDS-29)の国際学会で下記の招待講演を行いました。

[ThA3-I2 (Invited)] Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductors for high-performance semiconductor spin devices
Pham Nam Hai, Tomohiro Ostuka, Munehiko Yoshida, Nguyen Thanh Tu, Le Duc Anh, and Masaaki Tanaka

Spintech IX 国際学会発表

9th International School and Conference on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology (Spintech IX)の国際学会にD1のKhang君、共同研究者のAnh氏とNguyen氏が下記の発表を行いました。

[A 65] MnGa thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy grown on BiSb topological insulator.

Nguyen Huynh Duy Khang, Yugo Ueda, Pham Nam Hai

 [A 15] Tuning of  Magnetoconductance by electrical control of band alignment in n+(In,Fe)As/p+InAs Esaki diode.

Le Duc Anh, Pham Nam Hai, Masaaki Tanaka

 [B 76] High-temperature ferromagnetism in n-type and p-type Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductors.

Nguyen Thanh Tu, Pham Nam Hai, Le Duc Anh, Masaaki Tanaka



[14p-P10-12] Electrical properties of Bi1-xSbx spin Hall thin films grown on GaAs(111)A substrates
〇八尾 健一郎、植田 裕吾、ゲィン フン ユイ カン、ファム ナム ハイ

[14p-P10-84] Spin valve effect in Si-based spin valve devices with a nano-scale Si channel
〇Duong Dinhhiep、Tanaka Masaaki、Pham Namhai

[14p-P10-87] Growth and characterization of MnGa thin films on BiSb topological insulator
〇Khang Nguyen HuynhDuy、Hai Pham Nam

[15a-501-1] Bias and temperature dependence of giant magnetoresistance in (In,Fe)As/(Ga,Fe)Sb spin diode
〇大塚 友絢、荒川 雄斗、西嶋 健人、田中 雅明、ファム ナムハイ

[15a-501-2] High-temperature ferromagnetism in a new n-type Fe-doped ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)Sb
〇Nguyen Tu Thanh、Pham Nam Hai、Le Duc Anh、Tanaka Masaaki


E42.00008: Observation of large spin splitting in the conduction band of n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)As
Le Duc Anh , Pham Nam Hai , Masaaki Tanaka