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9th International Conference on Physics and Applications of Spin-Related Phenomena in Solids (PASPS9)国際学会にて、M2の大塚、M2の植田、D2のHiep、共同研究者のAnh氏、共同研究者のTu氏が下記の発表を行いました。

<O-18>Giant spin-valve effect in (Ga,Fe)Sb/(In,Fe)As ferromagnetic p-n junctions

°Tomohiro Otsuka, Yuto Arakawa, Masaaki Tanaka, Pham Nam Hai

<O-25>High-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Heavily Fe-doped Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (Ga,Fe)Sb

°Nguyen Thanh Tu, Pham Nam Hai, Le Duc Anh, Masaaki Tanaka

<P1-1> Spontaneous spin-split band structure of n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor (In,Fe)As observed by tunneling spectroscopy

°Le Duc Anh, Pham Nam Hai, Masaaki Tanaka

(Young Researcher Best Poster Awardを受賞)

<P1-15> Spin transport in nanoscale silicon channels

°Duong Dinh Hiep, Masaaki Tanaka, Pham Nam Hai

<P1-48> Growth and characterization of Bi1-xSbx thin films on GaAs(111) substrates

°Yugo Ueda, Pham Nam Hai